Danielle Lloyd turned to alcohol 'numb the pain' a violent ex caused

Danielle Lloyd turned to alcohol to “numb the pain” a violent ex-partner put her through.
The former ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ contestant was put through a "horrendous" ordeal by a former partner, which included physical violence, that left her with emotional wounds that led her to turn to drink
The 38-year-old model told New! magazine: "I would get chairs smashed over my head and it was horrendous. I used alcohol to numb the pain."
Before getting therapy to deal with the extreme anxiety, Danielle admitted that the abuse she endure was “always at the back of my mind”.
The Only Fans star acknowledges that her “life is so different now” after getting help and having kids.
She said: "My life is so different now and with lots of therapy and being a busy mum I’m able to deal with things that way and not go down that route."
Danielle insists her “supportive” husband Michael O'Neill - with who she has three-year-old son Ronnie and four-month-old daughter Autumn - is her rock and he knows how to alleviate her anxiety when she is having an attack.
She said: "Michael is so supportive, too. I’ve never had that before in a relationship. If I’m having a down day Michael is like my therapist and we’re both really open with each other about our mental health.
"Michael knows when my anxiety is bad as I feel like I can’t breathe properly. I don’t know what triggers my anxiety attacks, but I know how to control it now."
Danielle’s honesty comes after she was targeted by vile trolls on social media, who accused her of faking her latest pregnancy and having liposuction after giving birth to Autumn.
The brunette beauty - who is also mother to Archie, 11, Harry, 10, and George, eight, with her ex-husband, retired Tottenham Hotspur soccer player Jamie O’Hara - said: “People have said things like, ‘What impression are you giving to mums by being that thin after giving birth? Do you even eat? You look like a rake!”
“Was I really going to get the fat sucked out of me three months after giving birth? You don’t want to be getting trolled just after having a baby and it’s hard when your hormones are all over the place. It’s a lot to go through.”