Dannii Minogue 'stands by' naked Playboy shoot

Dannii Minogue "stands by" her decision to pose naked for Playboy magazine in 1995.
The 51-year-old pop star shed her clothes for a raunchy cover shoot 28 years ago, but she's got no regrets about the pictures because she was in full control and stripping off on camera made her "feel powerful".
She told the Guardian newspaper: "It was personally empowering to me. I still stand by those photos. I still think it’s awesome ... Anyone can look at those pictures and you can say whatever you want about them. My body, my choice, my space. I controlled everything about the photos, the shoot, everything. And it just made me feel powerful."
The 'Jump To The Beat' star says her only worry is that her 12-year-old son Ethan and his friends would be able to see the saucy snaps on the Internet, but she still thinks she was right to pose nude.
She added: "My son’s 12, he and his friends are all on their phones, they’ll be Googling, pictures will come up – but I still absolutely 100 per cent stand by that as a complete feminist move."
However, Dannii admitted her father Ronald wasn't happy about the Playboy shoot and she's not sure if he ever made his peace with it.
She went on: "He just hands down said: ‘I do not want you to do this. I think this is the worst move that you could make'.
"I don’t know [if he ever came around to it]. I think that’s something we’ll revisit in conversation later. But maybe he can see it now, with me being a grown woman and a mum and still standing by those choices."