Danny Dyer to explore modern masculinity in Channel 4 documentary series

EastEnders star Danny Dyer is to explore modern masculinity through a range of voices and perspectives in a Channel 4 documentary series.

Danny Dyer: How To Be A Man will see the actor, known for playing hard-man characters, dive into areas including gender stereotypes, male attitudes to mental health and the changing roles of men in society.

In the two-part series, he will ask men across Britain what they think it means to be a man today and what the future is for the male identity.

He will talk to a politician, psychologists, a mental health expert, a fitness expert, a sex therapist, an influencer, male victims of domestic abuse and members of the Brighton Gay Men’s Chorus.

He will meet individuals who believe “traditional masculinity” is under threat as well as those advocating for a more progressive and inclusive version of the male identity and manhood.

Dyer said: “As an actor, I’ve played countless characters, but now I am making a documentary about what the evolving place of men really is.

“If you were to look on social media, it might seem like people are either completely embracing or rejecting traditional gender roles, without much room for nuance.

“That’s why we wanted to chat to real men that are representative of the UK today, to hear their thoughts on what being a modern man is to them.

“To me, being a man isn’t about trying to fit a mould, it’s about showing a bit of heart and respecting yourself and others, so I’m hoping this documentary gets the geezers talking.”

Dyer’s breakout role was as Moff in the cult 1999 film Human Traffic, followed by parts in Mean Machine and The Football Factory.

Danny Dyer (Channel 4/Tom Barnes/PA)
Danny Dyer (Channel 4/Tom Barnes/PA)

He rose to further prominence playing Mick Carter in BBC soap EastEnders, joining the cast during the Christmas Day special in 2013 before departing in 2022.

His new Channel 4 series will be produced by Whitworth Media and has been filmed and directed by James Routh.

Routh said: “As someone of a similar vintage to Danny it’s been fascinating, shocking but also inspiring to ‘travel the country talking to geezers’.

“It’s important that we have these conversations as a society, preferably face-to-face.

“At a time of noisy online identity politics it’s worth remembering that for a huge section of society their primary identity is simply ‘man’, and that this most fundamental of categories comes with its own issues, needs and challenges.”

Commissioning editor for Channel 4 Ian Dunkley said: “Danny Dyer: How To Be A Man promises to be a thought-provoking exploration of the concept of masculinity in contemporary Britain.

“Danny Dyer’s unique perspective and engaging storytelling captivate audiences and spark important conversations about what it means to be a man in today’s world.”