Daughter of British man who died after Cambodia hotel fall says she needs answers

The daughter of a British man who died in Cambodia says she has been left with unanswered questions - and claims the Foreign Office isn't "doing enough" to address them.

Sonny Suberu, 60, was found dead in the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh following a fall from the 22nd floor of his hotel on 26 March.

The retired IT consultant and author from London was on a solo trip through South Asia and had travelled the world extensively.

Cambodian authorities say Mr Suberu's death was suicide but his daughter Shannon doesn't believe the police account - and points out another man fell to his death at the same hotel a few weeks before her father arrived.

She told Sky News: "[The Cambodian authorities] are saying he's fallen from a roof. In the photos that I've received of my dad, there's not a bruise to his face.

"He looks in pristine condition. So to me, it just makes no sense. If you're telling me you're falling from a 22-floor building, your body is going to be unrecognisable.

"They've literally provided no evidence. There's no CCTV.

"Right now we don't even know where his stuff is. The hotel staff are saying the police have it, the police are saying the hotel staff have it."

When asked if the Foreign Office is doing enough to answer her questions about the circumstances that led to her father's death, Shannon said: "I don't believe so.

"My dad was a UK national. He was born and raised here. The fact that you have turned around and basically said to me the UK Cambodian authorities suspect no foul play - so there's literally absolutely nothing that they can do on our behalf? It's mad.

"How did he fall? Did he fall off the balcony? If he did fall off the balcony, what was wrong with the balcony?"

Shannon, who lives in Walsall, said her father's death has left a huge void.

"The sun that you see outside, that is what represents my dad," she said.

"He was so full of life. He was energetic. He would never hold a grudge.

"So many people across the world have reached out to me with such nice words.

"It really breaks my heart. I'm only 24 and I never once thought about my dad dying.

"I need answers as to how and why."

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A spokesperson for Cambodia's national police told Sky News they did not have "anything to explain about Sonny's death" because officers had determined his death was from suicide.

"If they [the family] have suspicion [about the death], they can file a complaint," the spokesperson added.

"They can get a lawyer to file a complaint so [authorities] can investigate. The family of the deceased can file a complaint to get further investigation."

The Foreign Office says it is supporting the family and is in contact with Cambodian authorities.