David Bowie's daughter opens up on the 'pain' of losing her father: 'I drowned myself in toxins'

Lexi Jones ended up in "lonely isolation" following the death of her father David Bowie.
The 'Life On Mars' singer died in January 2016 at the age of 69 following a battle with liver cancer and now his 23-year-old daughter Lexi - who he had with model Iman - has admitted that she ended up alienating her family and "hurting" her loved ones during her initial period of grief.
She told the Daily Mail's Eden Confidential column: "I confused living life with surviving life's days by filling my body's bottomless void, drowning myself in toxins and poison. I involved myself in things I never expected to be part of. Situating myself in situations that contributed to the already crumbling foundation of my family eventually led to lonely isolation.
"I've hurt the ones I loved most with hateful words to make them feel at least a little bit of the pain I went through every day.
Lexi added that she felt that it was "easier" to describe herself as a "psychopath" rather than dealing with her issues head-on as the personality she developed in her early adult years was a stark cry from how she used to be as a little girl.
"It felt easier to label myself as a psychopath, rather than to have admitted to the lack of introspection in an effort to justify my harmful actions."
"Growing to be such a violent and angry individual was unbelievably contradictory to the sweet and gentle little girl I used to be."
Lexi grew up in New York with her father - who was married to Angie Bowie before tying the knot with Iman in 1992 - and her mother and now works as an artist but previously admitted that she had struggled with mental health issues.
She said: "I have struggled with mental health issues. Art has always been a coping mechanism to get out of dark places."