Da'Vine Joy Randolph 'missed out on life' to pursue acting career

Da'Vine Joy Randolph has "missed out on a lot in life" to pursue her acting career.
The 37-year-old screen star is currently winning critical acclaim for her role in new movie 'The Holdovers' and she feels grateful for the recognition after years of "sacrifice" - admitting she's had to miss out on romantic relationships, family events and birthdays because of the long hours she puts in at work.
She told "[It's been a] hard career.It's lots of sacrifice. I’m very grateful though. I miss out on a lot in life in order to do this.
"And so when there are moments like this where people can acknowledge the work that I’ve put in, it feels like, okay, it’s worth it ...
"You miss out on birthdays, you miss out on family interactions, relationships, personal romantic relationships because of the hours, the hours that you’re dedicating. But at the same time, it feels like I gain a contribution to the world."
She added: "It’s a sacrifice. It really is It’s a trade off, so to speak, between the two. I’m grateful. If nothing else, it feels like a quiet, assured voice of just keep going."
Da'Vine went on to explain she takes great pride in crafting characters as an actress, adding: "I feel as though this is part of my purpose in life and a part of my act of service … listen, I think that’s this art form can be cathartic and therapeutic, not only for myself, but for the viewer.
"And so I take great pride in crafting these characters, especially when the quality is there in the script, and there’s no stereotype. And a person can just be, they can be messy and complicated.
"And so I have to be grateful for this to be a moment where I feel like people have always, in some way shape or form ,acknowledged the gift that I have and my ability to create these nuanced characters."