Debbie Harry: 'Most women' would have 'died' to see David Bowie's penis

Debbie Harry has insisted "most women" would have "died" to have David Bowie flash his penis at them.
The Blondie frontwoman memorably revealed in her 2019 autobiography 'Face It' that offering cocaine to Iggy Pop and the late 'Ziggy Stardust' hitmaker - who died of cancer in 2016 - during a tour in 1977, her pal had thanked her by taking out his "notoriously" large member.
She wrote at the time: “David’s size was notorious, of course, and he loved to pull it out with both men and women. It was so adorable, funny and sexy.”
And at the suggestion some people may have not wanted to see it, she laughed and told the Times' Saturday Review: “I think you should rethink that. Most women would really die to be in that room...
"You have to consider the context — I was a consenting adult, shall we say. I believe that that is really the borderline.”
The 77-year-old singer has previously told how she was raped at knifepoint by a burglar, had a man expose himself to her when she was just eight, and was propositioned by jazz drummer Buddy Rich when she was 12, but Debbie hopes society has now changed enough to afford women more protection.
Asked if she thinks things are changing, she said: “It seems that way. “Knowledge is power, as they say. One can only hope for the best.
"The idea that women perhaps know themselves and know more about their sexuality and their positive qualities is invaluable.”
In the 1980s, Debbie was battling heroin addiction while her bandmate and then-partner Chris Stein was suffering with an autoimmune disease during a time when they lost their home and owed millions in taxes, and the 'Heart of Glass' star is grateful they both "survived all that bulls***".
She said: “It sucked, basically. I guess it was something cultural as well as individual.
"I sort of feel like I was swept along in some cases. But then in some ways it was very educational, and thank God that we both survived all of that bulls***. That’s life, isn’t it? Does anybody get through unscathed?”