Delivery driver's sneaky move with customer's pizza

It might be worth having a closer look at your pizza delivery next time.

A deliveryman has been filmed eating a customer’s pizza before rearranging the slices to cover his tracks.

The cheeky courier was spotted on his scooter with the open box stretched across his lap and can be seen using a small knife to cut off other slithers before stuffing them in his mouth.

In video captured from above, the deliveryman then rearranges the remaining slices to make it appear as though the pizza is whole.

The delivery man was caught in the act. Source: Jam Press
The delivery man was caught in the act. Source: Jam Press

He closes the box and seals it with tape before starting the scooter and continuing on his way.

The video was shared on TikTok by Susy Jimenez where it went viral racking up more than five million views in just a matter of days.

The video was inundated with comments however not all condemned the driver's behaviour.

"I’m not condoning this, but I was surprised by his technique," one person wrote.

“I would have yelled at him when he finished. ‘Hey, I just recorded you’," another said.

“I would have been angry if it was my food, but also, I can’t help but think, what if the poor soul didn’t have the chance to eat?” one user asked.

One person said people should ask for their pizza not to be cut as a precaution.

It is unclear where the viral video was filmed, however the incident was widely covered by Mexican media.

In 2018, a Melbourne Uber Eats driver was caught on security cameras tucking into a customer's hot chips.

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