Delta Goodrem reveals why fans have thrown bras at her onstage and her secret 'brawl'

The Aussie singer has shared the funny story behind a fight she once got into and why fans have started throwing underwear at her.

Delta Goodrem has revealed she once got into a surprising fight after getting a bit "cheeky" on the basketball court.

The Aussie superstar made an appearance on Sunrise to discuss her new music charting in the UK as well as her engagement, and was asked to share a secret to which she revealed the surprising fight,

Saying it happened when she was a teenager with a girl who was "a lot bigger" Delta said words were exchanged before the girl "swung" at her and described the incident as "an actual brawl".

"I just remember she kept marking me and kept going out and I kept hustling back," she said. "And then basically a couple of words were said and then she sort of turned, I think I was being a bit cheeky, and she turned around and just swung at me.

Delta Goodrem on Sunrise
Delta Goodrem appeared on Sunrise this week. Photo: Seven

"So then my natural instinct was like, 'Oh my god'... I just started waving my hands everywhere. And I remember us both getting sent out of the rep league."


"It probably happened at 14," she detailed. "So old enough to know better!"

Delta Goodrem reveals surprising reason bras were thrown at her on stage

After performing in Bowral over the weekend, Delta was surprised to have fans throwing their underwear at her on stage.

In her chat with Sunrise, Delta said the reasoning behind it was because the event was a Tom Jones concert, with Tom Jones known for having female fans throw their underwear on stage at him during the peak of his career.

Delta Goodrem holding red bra
Delta Goodrem with a bra thrown at her. Photo:

During the performance, Delta called it her lucky day.

“I’ve got a bra, I’ve got some knickers, fantastic! This is my lucky day, never at one of my concerts have I had a bra thrown at me,” she said, using a bra to swing around during her cover of 'I'm So Excited'.


Delta shared the funny footage to her Instagram after the event.

"You think you’ve done so much a couple of decades into performing live, and then you get your first bra thrown on stage, and it’s a new standard unlocked," she captioned the post.

"Nah this has actually taken me out hahaha," one fan commented.

"I have never imagined in the 20 years you have performed on stage that i see fans throw there bras & knickers at you," another said.

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