Demi Moore Talks Role In Taylor Sheridan’s ‘Landman’ & Confirms Second Season Ahead Of Cannes Official Selection Debut In ‘The Substance’

Demi Moore teased details of her role in Taylor Sheridan’s upcoming Paramount+ drama Landman and revealed she expects to be back on set for a second season in early 2025.

“It’s a very interesting world in the boomtown of Fort Worth, Texas. It’s kind of this subculture that we haven’t seen before, which is what I think Taylor does so well,” said Moore, in a talk at the American Pavilion at the Cannes Film Festival on Sunday.

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“I play an oil tycoon’s wife… lots of nice clothes. The substance of it is really exploring the issues around oil, petroleum, on all sides…and then of course there’s – as Taylor does so well – there’s delicious drama within and family dynamics.”

Other cast members include Billy Bob Thornton and Jon Hamm as rival oil tycoons, with Hamm playing Moore’s husband.

On playing opposite Hamm again, Moore said to laughs: “I thought we looked really good. He was lovely and I’ve known Billy Bob Thornton for a long time. I’ve already completed the first season and I’m excited for us to start the second which will be at the beginning of next year.”

Moore was talking ahead of the world premiere in Competition in Cannes of Coralie Forgeat’s body horror The Substance, in which she stars alongside Margaret Qualley and Dennis Quaid.

Billed as a body horror with a feminist take, it revolves around a new product called ‘The Substance’ which promises to transform people into the best version of themselves of their dreams.

Quizzed on how she navigated Hollywood as an older actress, Moore suggested The Substance chimed with the question.

“How do you navigate it? You just show up and you face what’s in front of you to the best of your ability.  I think what’s most important is how you hold yourself not how the world is holding you… which is exactly what The Substance is about – this male perspective of the idealized woman, that we as women have bought into… and I think we are changing. We are living the change right now.”

Remarkably, The Substance marks Moore’s first time in Cannes with a film in Official Selection.

“I’m really excited for tonight. It’s a big day. It’s my first time to have a film at the festival,” she said, noting she had accompanied Bruce Willis to Cannes in 1997 with Luc Besson’s The Fifth Element, which opened the festival.

“That was an honor to be there, but I was just there in a supporting role. It’s nice to be stepping out autonomously on my own,” said Moore.

The actress was accompanied for part of her talk by her pet Chihuahua Pilaf. She said it had not been decided whether she would accompany her on the red carpet.

“I usually have her in my little sling. We go everywhere. I mean, she’s been to the French Open, to the Louvre. She’s been to Broadway shows. She just saw Romeo and Juliet with Tom Holland.”

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