Dentist confirms shock X-rated rumour about routine check-ups is true

"They say dentists can see that?"

A dentist has confirmed that the rumour they can tell when patients have had oral sex is true, leaving social media users shocked.

On the Eighty Twenty podcast, hosted by Aussie model Shania Shaik and DJ Georgia Sinclair, Dr Ellie Farahmand shocked the pair when she confirmed dentists can tell when people come in for routine check-ups.

Dentist Dr Ellie Farahmand on the Eighty Twenty podcast
A dentist has shocked after confirming an X-rated rumour about routine check-ups is actually true. Photo: Instagram/eightytwentypod

"Can you tell when a patient has come in and has performed oral sex? They say dentists can see that," Shanina asked.


"Yes," Dr Ellie responded with a smile, leaving the two women completely shocked. "Let me clarify, so the way we can tell is from the palate – so if there’s changes in the palate if there’s like trauma to the palate … you can see little abrasions on the palate."

"It's trauma?" Shanina questioned, with Dr Ellie telling her "it is".

Shanina Shaik
Shanina Shaik joked that she didn't want 'trauma' in her mouth. Photo: Instagram/eightytwentypod

"So, next time go, 'I'm not in the mood for trauma,'" Dr Ellie joked.

"Shanina's going to be abstaining before she comes to see you in the future," Georgia joked.

"I don't want trauma in my mouth," Shanina quipped.

"I'm not at all saying, that you should stay away from that," Dr Ellie added.

"Think the fun fact was like you can tell within, like, the day or so that it's happened?" Shanina said, with Dr Ellie saying it was true.

"I would never bring it up to anyone, if I notice it, but yes," she added.

The comments on Instagram were filled with shocked responses, with one person sharing their own story, "YES 100% happened to me, and my girl, whose FATHER was the dentist; AND it was the 1st time we were introduced!!! 100% he outright caught us, and straight up pulled her aside and said something about.

"There is a technical name for it also. Still so embarrassed 10 years later."


Dr Ellie responded, "Hahah! Pretty awkward I would imagine. The technical name is petechia."

"Well they don’t call it a job for nothing..." another said.

"HAHA, I will now be conscious of when my appointments are scheduled," a third added.

"Was not expecting this," someone else said, adding laughing emojis.

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