'I've always wanted to do this': Dermot Murnaghan's Anchorman final sign off from Sky

WASHINGTON, DC - NOVEMBER 01: Sky News gears up to provide special coverage of the U.S. Election with a rehearsal, as Dermot Murnaghan prepares for the special election program, AMERICA DECIDES, on Sunday, November 1 in Washington D.C. (Photo by Paul Morigi/Getty Images for Sky News)
Dermot Murnaghan has signed off from Sky News. (Getty Images for Sky News)

Sky News anchor Dermot Murnaghan gave an emotional sign off from his final bulletin on Tuesday, but lightened the mood by using a quote from Anchorman as he admitted: "I've always wanted to do this".

Murnaghan, 65, has also worked for the BBC and ITN during his career, but retired from Sky News this week where he thanked viewers for enabling him to have such a rewarding career.

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But he turned to Will Ferrell's hit comedy film Anchorman, set in the world of TV news, to express his final feelings on leaving.

The journalist, who broke the news of the Queen's death for the broadcaster in September, said: "And finally, as the saying goes, some news about me. After 15 years, this has been my final programme for Sky News, the best organisation in the UK, which you already know, for its coverage and analysis but also for its dedicated and inventive hard-working staff so many of who have become close friends.

"Thanks to you all for putting up with me and supporting me so resolutely through elections, resigning prime ministers, and monarchs' funerals.

"But of course, my greatest thanks goes to you the viewers, you make Sky News, you are Sky News. Your engagement, encouragement and feedback have been invaluable over my time here. I hope I've managed to serve you well. It has been an absolute privilege and thanks for making this career so worthwhile."

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Murnaghan finished: "I leave you with, I've always wanted to do this, a last look at the headlines... there they are," he said as he showed the camera his papers and then threw them over his shoulder to laughter and applause from the crew.

He added: "You stay classy, Planet Earth. Goodbye."

Christina Applegate and Will Ferrell in a still from <i>Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy</i>. (Paramount)
Will Ferrell played Ron Burgundy in Anchorman. (Paramount)

Ferrell's Anchorman character Ron Burgundy was known for his "stay classy" sign off at the end of bulletins, and used the line Murnaghan quoted at the end of the film.

Murnaghan's career has spanned nearly four decades in news, and he has also presented quiz show Eggheads.