'So embarrassed': Shock photo highlights hidden filth in common household item

Penny Burfitt
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A mum has shocked with her before and after pictures. Photo: Supplied

A mum’s tummy-turning photos are making waves online, highlighting an uncomfortable truth that many of us may not be ready to see.

While we may comfort ourselves that our homes are immaculately kept and cleaned, it looks like at least one common item may be far dirtier than you think.

Posted to a mum’s cleaning group, the photos show the effects on a bathtub full of water after it’s owner decided to give her doona a solid scrub in it.

The mum in questions took to the Facebook group to warn other homemakers not to overlook the common doona when it comes to cleaning, as the photos prove it is far dirtier than most probably think.

The bath was filled with products for a strip clean, and didn't looks as enticing after. Photo: Supplied

“I’m totally grossed out but have to share,” the mum wrote alongside the pictures of a ‘strip soak’ of the blanket.

The snaps of the water before the soak show it clear and frothy with product, while during and after the soak it is left completely opaque and dyed a deep grey colour.

The water after the soak left many horrified at what might be lurking in their own doonas. Photo: Supplied

A strip clean or soak involves using a combination of washing soda, borax and detergent of laundry powder and is widely touted as the best way to deep-clean various household items.

The mum told Yahoo Lifestyle she decided to do the strip clean after seeing other people’s posts showing the effects.

“What made me decide to do it was reading everyone's post on the page,” she said. “I did our sheets a few weeks back and it worked well and got rid of sweat marks so I thought why not try the doona.”

Homemakers react to ‘satisfying’ deep clean

The doona looked fine before (left), but the stunning after shot (right) proves we all need to soak those blankets. Photo: Supplied

The stark contrast sparked an outpouring of interest, with almost 500 others commenting on the post with their surprise and eagerness to try the same.

“It’s so satisfying seeing the dirt come out,” one wrote.

“Wow!!! I’ll have to strip mine now - eek!” another shared.

“The satisfaction though, total bliss,” a third wrote.

Most boggling of all is the image of the finished product, which is virtually shining in comparison to its former self.

The bath was filled with dirt after the deep soak. Photo: Supplied

“I was pretty grossed out,” the mum admits. “There was a lot of dirt in the bottom once drained, and I must add I wash this doona quite regularly.”

It turns out however, she wasn’t alone.

Plenty of others shared they had the exact same experience with their own doonas.

Photo: Facebook
Photo: Facebook

Needless to say we’re all clamouring to do a strip soak of our own after spending too long staring at the confronting snaps.

The magical ingredient behind the strip wash

Lectric Washing Soda is a key player in the cleansing soak. Photo: Woolworths

At the heart of the strip soak or strip wash is the incredible laundry soda.

If you’re like me you will never have heard of this $3 product, and be kicking yourself over that fact.

A form of sodium carbonate, the product is not only stellar when it comes to the strip clean, but comes along with a host of other uses.

  1. Pre-wash soak: Savvy homemakers recommend the product be used as a pre-wash soaking agent, with one woman suggesting it is especially handy when it comes to restoring white socks to their sparkling former selves. The recommended measurement calls for just one tablespoon per two litres.

  2. Drain hero: The ingredient also doubles as a drain cleaner and clearer. Mixed with water and poured down the drain, the combination promises to freshen drains. If you have a clogged drain, pour the product directly in, let in sit for 15 mins then follow it with a few kettles of boiling water to get the gunk moving.

  3. Paint stripper: Mixed with enough water to form a paste, and left overnight online users swear washing soda will strip old paint and varnish if you’re in the mood for a DIY.

  4. Tile cleaner: Again, mixed with just water, washing soda purports to act as a descaler on tiles, and any other surface in need of a polish.

  5. BBQ cleaner: A bristle brush dipped in dry washing soda will apparently get that grease going quick sticks.

Washing soda will set you back a paltry $3.85 from Woolworths, and for the looks of things, change your cleaning life.

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