'It's disgusting': Moment female fan kisses reporter causes outrage

A female sports fan’s unwanted kiss on an unsuspecting reporter has been widely condemned.

Fox Milwaukee’s Ashley Sears was reporting on the Milwaukee Brewers’ loss to the Los Angeles Dodgers in the MLB playoffs when the incident occurred.

Sears was standing near Brewers fans when she was grabbed by a female bar patron and kissed on the cheek.

The kiss. Image: Fox Milwaukee

Sears didn’t react angrily to the kiss and continued her report with utmost professionalism.

However she took to social media afterwards to condemn the fan.

“Nothing good happens after 8 hours of drinking. Don’t be this person,” she wrote on Twitter.

She also revealed how she’d been left ‘shaken and embarrassed’ by the incident.

“I was shaking and I felt embarrassed. I walked out of the place. She offered to buy me a drink and was very intoxicated. Rather than freaking out, I walked away.”

Colleagues also took to social media in anger, with WISN News’ Ben Hutchinson particularly scathing.

“Yes, Fox6 is the ‘competition’ but that’s irrelevant. Ashley is my friend, works hard and she deserves respect. It’s disgusting that people (sober or wasted) think this is okay behaviour,” he tweeted.

“That was uncalled for. @AshleySears6 you handled that like a pro. I’m sorry that happened to you friend. I just don’t understand people sometimes,” wrote Sophia Beausoleil of KPRC 2 in Houston.

“Absolutely uncalled for. Don’t care if it’s a light-hearted story like celebrating sports, reporters shouldn’t have to deal with people possibly kissing them during a live shot,” wrote Jeff Wagner of CBS’ WCCO Minnesota.