Doctors Are Horrified By This Influencer Eating Raw Chicken Every Single Day

a man holding a chicken
Instagrammer Eats Raw Chicken Every Single Day@rawmeatexperiment

Sure, we've seen some questionable internet food challenges, but none are as gross or potentially deadly as the influencer who is eating raw

The Instagrammer in question, known only as John, has garnered over eight million views on the social media platform while consuming raw poultry in a variety of odd recipes. He's made raw chicken pizza, raw chicken with tomato and cheese, and even blends raw chicken breast with orange to into a smoothie-like substance.

Here's the thing, though: it doesn't seem like this is some bizarre flavor obsession. According to the burgeoning social media star, he plans to continue the experiment until he gets "a tummy ache."

John is documenting the stunt on a page called @rawmeatexperiment, and this actually isn't the first time he's attempted this. In fact, two years ago he shared a similar journey on YouTube titled "Eating raw meat at Whole Foods every day till I die from bacteria." He eventually gave up on the challenge out of boredom after a whopping 200 days. He's even pretty used to the flavor, which he describes as "barely there."

"It's like scallop or shrimp; sort of tastes like sashimi," he told VICE. "I used to have to gear myself up to eat it but not anymore."

Despite the fact that he lived to tell the tale before, John's experiment could have actual deadly consequences, according to Dr. Indrees Mughal, a UK-based surgeon who posted a warning online, according to The Daily Mail. "For the love of all things sane, do NOT attempt what this man is doing," Dr. Mughal wrote on one video. "This is so stupid."

An amateur chef posted a similar warning, writing, "I'm just gonna say you are playing Russian Roulette with your life... two of the biggest killers, Campylobacter and salmonella are a high risk here—especially from undercooked/raw chicken."

According to the outlet, the influencer is attempting to relieve symptoms of "back pain, dizziness, and cystic acne" with a raw chicken diet—and not actually looking for attention at all (allegedly).

"People are trying to say I'm doing it for clout, but I've had meme pages with millions of followers before I ever started doing this," he told VICE. "Honestly, eating raw meat on the internet is not good for attention anyway."

Everyone's horror isn't unwarranted. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) strongly warns against eating raw meat. "Eating raw and undercooked meat and poultry can make you sick," the CDC warns. "Poultry includes chicken and turkey. Some germs commonly found in poultry include salmonella and campylobacter."

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