Dollar Tree closing 600 Family Dollar stores across the US

Dollar Tree has announced that it will close 600 of its Family Dollar store locations this year.

In addition, another 370 Family Dollar stores, and 30 other Dollar Trees will close over the next several years once their leases expire. The total reduction by the company will account for 15 per cent of its storefronts.

Despite its cheap offerings, inflation has weakened the buying power of the retailer's customer base, and has driven buyers to seek the best deals for their money, according to CBS News.

In addition to inflation pains, a rise in shoplifting has also hurt the company's bottom line.

Dollar Tree has not released a full list of stores that will be closing.

The following is a partial list of the stores that will be closed, per a CBS News report:


Slocomb: 534 Lawrence St


Tallahassee: West Brevard Street


Peoria: two stores in the city will close


Canton: 1074 Peace St

Clinton: 222 Clinton Blvd

Collins: 816 Main St

Columbus: 60 Mike Parra Rd.

De Kalb: 14916 Hwy. 16 W.

Drew: 144 W. Park Ave.

Durant: 369 E. Madison St.

Eupora: 1960 Veteran's Memorial Blvd.

Flora: 101 Mansker Dr.

Jackson: 3707 S. Siwell Rd.

Jackson: 1201 University Blvd.

Louisville: 401 S. Church Ave.

Monticello: 713 E. Broad St.

Natchez: 395 John R. Junkin Dr.

Newton: 188 Northside Dr.

Okolona: 511 W. Monroe Ave.

Pearl: 621 S. Pearson Rd.

Pearl: 3123 U. S. Hwy. 80

Philadelphia: 800 E. Main St.

Quitman: 548 S. Archusa Ave.

Raymond: 825 E. Main St.



Willow Springs



New Jersey


North Carolina

Wilmington — two locations, on Greenfield Street and Carolina Beach Road


East Liverpool: 15 Walnut St

West Dayton: 440 N James H McGee Blvd

South Carolina

Clearwater: 4403 Jefferson Davis Highway


Lynchburg — two stores on Campbell Ave and Federal Street

West Virginia