Domhnall Gleeson prioritises 'a good life over a good career'

Domhnall Gleeson would rather "have a good life than a good career".
The 40-year-old actor has starred in various big-budget productions during the course of his career, including 'Ex Machina', 'The Revenant' and the 'Star Wars' sequel trilogy - but Domhnall has always resisted the temptation to make a permanent switch to Hollywood.
The actor - who is the son of Irish movie star Brendan Gleeson - told The Independent: "Everybody wants their career to be in a better place, so there is loads of stuff I wish I was doing, and loads of work I wish I could find. I’m like, would I be closer to it if I was in America? But I’d much rather have a good life than a good career.
"I’d love to have both."
Domhnall - who still lives in Dublin - has no interest in attending glitzy award ceremonies.
He explained: "For the most part, you just have to sit there for four hours while stuff happens, and that’s grand, I’ll never complain about it."
Domhnall previously confessed that he's been heavily influenced by his dad.
The actor admitted that he's been inspired by his dad and the success that he's managed to achieve.
Asked if he was always destined to become an actor, Domhnall told GQ magazine: "I was interested in writing and directing. That's what I went to college for, but I think I've become better at acting than I am at either of those two things.
"I'm interested in telling stories, essentially. My father is an incredible actor, and in a way, it made me realise it was possible. But in another way, it made me think, 'Well, I can't do it as well as he does it. So, what's the point?'
"My brother, Brian, is a phenomenal actor as well. So, there was already an actor in the family, even when I began."