Donald Trump Ally Nigel Farage Strips On Live TV To Right Said Fred's 'I'm Too Sexy'

Nigel Farage, an ally of former President Donald Trump’s, stripped on live TV during Right Said Fred’s performance of its 1991 song “I’m Too Sexy.”

Farage, the former leader of Britain’s Brexit Party, closed his show Thursday on the conservative GB News channel by removing his suit jacket and tie and unbuttoning his shirt to show his chest as singer Richard Fairbrass tweaked the lyrics in, hmm, tribute.

“Nigel is a model, you know what I mean, and he does his little turn on the catwalk,” Richard Fairbrass sang, adding at one point: “Get ’em off, Nigel!”

The feed then cut, suggesting the stunt was pre-planned.

Farage, who for years has pushed anti-immigrant and xenophobic talking points, had earlier chatted with Richard Fairbrass and his band mate brother Fred Fairbrass about their anti-coronavirus lockdown and vaccine stances.

Richard Fairbrass notably refused to take the vaccine even after being hospitalized with COVID-19.

Farage was one of the first people to visit Trump in Trump Tower following his 2016 election victory over Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. At the time, he tweeted a photograph of himself and Trump inside a golden elevator and said he was “confident” Trump would be a good president.