Donatella Versace remembers party days with Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell

Donatella Versace says she and her friends Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss were "dangerous" party girls in the 90s.

The 61-year-old designer is great pals with the two supermodels and she admits they lived life to the full when they were all starting out in the fashion business.

Donatella admits those times were "a lot of fun" but she eventually made the decision to leave the late nights behind her to live a quieter life.

Whilst being interviewed on stage at the Teatro Piccolo Studio in Milan, Italy, last week to promote new book 'Donatella Versace' published by Rizzoli, Donatella was asked: "You, Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss were known as the 'dangerous trio'. Tell us about them..."

To which the blonde star replied: "We were really dangerous. During that time, in the 1990s, you were allowed to do everything, there were no limits. Or at least we used to think so. We did everything you could imagine. Parties, events, it was a lot of fun at that time, but then at a certain point I started thinking about my life. I wondered, 'What am I doing? What's my future?' "

Quizzed on what made her stop partying so much, Donatella - who has daughter Allegra, 30, and son Daniel, 26, with ex-husband, model Paul Beck, whom she divorced in 2000 - said: "Around 2005, 2006. I did it for my children. They didn't tell me anything, but I looked them in the face and I told myself, 'I have to change for them.'"

During the talk, Donatella - who was wed to Manuel Dallori from 2004 to 2005 - also opened up on the support her friend Madonna gave her in the wake of the shooting of her brother Gianni Versace on 15 July 1997 at the hands of Andrew Cunanan.

The Vice President of the Versace Group admits she will never forget that Madonna was there waiting for her at her brother's house after she landed in the American city from Milan the day after his tragic death.

She shared: "I entered the house and there was Madonna waiting for me. I'll never forget what she did; she was there because she wanted to support me. She hugged me, she stayed with me for many, many hours. I never thought to find her there waiting for me. I'll be always grateful for that."