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'Doubled my storage space': This genius shower liner with pockets is on sale for a mere $20

If you're tired of tripping over shampoo bottles, meet your new best friend.

Having a small bathroom is tough, but when you're also lacking a tub with ample ledge space? The worst! You're either tripping over shampoo bottles or cramming bathtime essentials into a corner of your shower — which takes up way too much floor space. If you're reading this and nodding a little too fervently, we'd like to introduce you to your new best friend: Maytex's shower liner with storage pockets. It'll save you lots of headaches, room and, at least for now, money, as it's on sale for $20 at Amazon.

This genius product features nine pockets for storing bathroom essentials large and small.

$20 at Amazon

While this has been steadily on sale for the past two months, we saw it spike in price by $10 in mid-February, so, we'd snatch it up now before the price leaps again.

You're probably saying, "Why didn't I think of that?!" And yes, it's pretty astounding that something so simple could provide such a genius solution.

This 70" x 72" liner is equipped with nine mesh pockets in three sizes for storing shampoo, conditioner and body wash bottles, bath toys, soap, razors, loofahs, washcloths and any other shower essentials you need. (Just be sure the contents of each pocket don't exceed one pound.) No more cluttered tub ledge — if you have one, that is — or precariously placed bath products falling onto your toes. Seriously, how did we ever live without this thing?

As far as styles go, you can choose between clear or gray to fit in with practically any aesthetic (the gray is a bit more affordable at $17). Oh, and can we talk about how hanging up one of these bad boys is so much easier than trying to install shelves? When it's time to clean, simply run a damp cloth over the plastic material and you're good to go.

shower liner with pockets
Who knew a shower liner could become your new best friend? (Amazon)

Over 10,000 Amazon reviewers have given the Maytex shower liner a perfect five-star rating, with many reporting it's saved them money on pricey suction shelves.

Pros 👍

"These shower curtain liners are a lifesaver for those of us who have no in-shower shelving," said one happy shopper. "We tried the tension shelves for the corner, but it did not work, and took up so much space. This shower curtain liner lets us put everything we need right in there. It holds shampoo bottles, shaving cream, lotions, razors, and basically everything you could need in the shower."

One fan said: "I love this shower curtain for my small bathroom. It literally doubled my storage space. I use it facing outwards and with an inner shower curtain which makes cleaning easier. Really such a useful product for small bathrooms."

"Because of the mesh, things dry quickly and completely unlike when you place bottles of shampoo on hard surfaces," added another.

As for how it feels to the touch, one shopper noted that it's "thick and made with good quality" materials.

Cons 👎

While it's functional and convenient, one shopper said they "wish it were more silicone-like" and a bit softer, since it remains "a bit rigid," even after a few uses.

Another reviewer added that it would've been nice if it had magnets at the base since "it sort of curls on each side," causing a little water to get out when you shower.

Over 10,000 Amazon shoppers swear by this thing — maybe it's time your bathroom had one, too?

$17 at Amazon

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