Dr Pepper Ice Cream Is Lighting The Internet On Fire

blue bell dr pepper ice cream
Dr Pepper Ice Cream Is Tearing Us Apartblue bell

The ice cream float is an iconic American dessert. The frozen treat combines ice cream with the inviting soda for an irresistible drink that pretty much everyone loves. So we were a little surprised by the outcry over Blue Bell's new Dr Pepper ice cream flavor.

Announced earlier this week, Blue Bell's Dr Pepper Float ice cream is described as a "creamy vanilla ice cream swirled together with a Dr Pepper flavored sherbet." While some people are "pissed" about the collaboration, others would have preferred Dr Pepper's cherry offering. Here's what some of the most vocal critics are saying:

"Dr Pepper ice cream Blue Bell just pissed me tf off," one user on Twitter declared.

"Hah! For anyone who grew up in Texas (or Blue Bell territory), this is par for the course, using Dr. Pepper when you didn’t have any Coca Cola. Now… what about the REAL flavor they should do… Dr. Pepper CHERRY + vanilla bean ice cream???" another person wrote.

Another ice cream critic said, “I am a huge fan of doctor pepper but it is actually kinda disappointing to see so many new things when there are classics that haven’t been brought back yet.”

And another person tweeted, “Well, you finally made a flavor I don’t want to try.”

Don't get us wrong, some people are super excited to try the new flavor. One person even declared that "the world is a better place" because of the frosty collaboration. That might be a bit of an exaggeration, but sure.

"just found out blue bell made dr pepper ice cream like R U KIDDING ME I NEED TO TRY IT," someone else tweeted.

If you're ready to try Blue Bell's Dr Pepper Float Ice Cream for yourself, you can find the new flavor in the 23 states where Blue Bell is available.

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