This Drag Queen Cooking Show Is Everything You’re Looking For In Reality TV

drag me to dinner
This Drag Queen Cooking Show Is Everything We WantHulu

Nothing beats a drag brunch...but a drag dinner party? This might be the new best thing.

Cooking competitions and drag competitions are the pinnacle of reality TV right now, so combining them seems like a recipe for success. The new Hulu series Drag Me To Dinner features drag artists competing to throw the best dinner party. And based on the trailer, we can't wait until it premieres on May 31.

“Watching drag performers who are normally so well-lit and in their element and glamorous and fierce, I thought there was something fun about putting them into a scenario that is unknown to them in a way—how to quickly put together a dinner party that includes food, drink, entertainment, and decor and do it in a safe space that's also designed to be comedic," said Neil Patrick Harris, one of the show's judges.

Along with Harris, the cast features judges Bianca Del Rio and Haneefah Wood, host Murray Hill, and resident food expert, David Burtka, in addition to 40 drag artists, including performers from RuPaul's Drag Race and Boulet Brothers' Dragula.

Each of the ten episodes features a specific theme and will have two teams of contestants compete in categories such as Food & Drink, Design & Decor, Entertainment & Overall Vibe—with the winner being awarded the Glorious Golden Grater.

Harris mentions that this isn't a legitimate competition show. "All of the queens are performers within the show. They're not hired as competitors," added Harris. "And so given that they are able to help create their own comedy, and we want to make sure we're showing them in good light, even though it's like overhead light, which is probably not their favorite."

“Every time we see drag performers performing, it’s joyous and it’s hilarious, and everyone’s having a great time,” he said. “And I really think that we all in life need to be heading towards positivity and inclusivity.”

Alright, so you know this show's going to be good—it's almost time to get your popcorn ready.

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