Draymond's hilarious reaction sums up Fergie's anthem fiasco

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The NBA All-Star Game was supposed to start at 8pm on Sunday night in America.

It ended up starting at 8:41.

But what’s more, the 41-minute pregame show wasn't particularly well received.

Fergie’s national anthem was ... well, just watch Draymond Green's reaction in the video above, and listen for yourself.

Draymond had a pretty great reaction. Image: Getty

Draymond couldn’t help but break into laughter, and a number of other players weren't far off.

The internet collectively cringed as Fergie got deeper and deeper into it.

Vergie’s version was not only much-maligned; it was loooooooong. And when it finally did wrap up, the internet had its collective say:

Once the game started, LeBron James scored 29 points and hit the go-ahead layup with 34.5 seconds to play, winning his third All-Star Game MVP award while his hand-picked team rallied to win an uncommonly-entertaining showcase, beating Team Stephen 148-145.

For the first time in the 67 editions of the All-Star Game, the league abandoned the traditional East-West format used since 1951 and allowed team captains James and Stephen Curry to choose their own rosters.

That twist turned a sometimes staid event into the world's richest pickup game, and the intrigue was reflected on the Staples Center court, where a real basketball game broke out.

LeBron's team even won an All-Star game with defence: on the final possession, James and Kevin Durant blanketed Curry, preventing the three-point-shooting superstar from getting off a potential tying shot.

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