'A dream come true': A$AP Rocky loving life with Rihanna and son

A$AP Rocky's family life with Rihanna is a "dream come true".
The 34-year-old rapper has 12-month-old son RZA with the 'Diamonds' hitmaker and she's pregnant with their second child, and he couldn't be happier with how things are.
He told the Sunday Times Style magazine: “It’s all a bit of a dream come true.
"I don’t necessarily think I’ve matured but I’ve evolved."
While the 'Praise the Lord' hitmaker has a keen eye for fashion, he admitted he doesn't always make the effort he used now he's a parent to a young child.
He said: “I’m not about to sit here and say I’m dapper every day. I’d be lying to you. I’m down with tracksuits. I’m definitely rocking the dad swag.”
When it comes to his wardrobe, Rocky likes to "mix it up" between high-end fashion and streetwear.
He said: “Whatever it is I’m doing I find that I’m naturally attracted to the things that other people might find too obscure or too complicated,” he says. “I like to think I’m drawn to things that others look past.
“I’m the godfather of mixing it up. For me it’s also about what’s not obvious. Since my first song I’ve been rapping about Raf Simons and Rick Owens. It was also about mixing high end with streetwear. I do that in my sleep.”
And the 'Everyday' hitmaker loves attending fashion shows because of the "artistry and creativity" on display.
He said: “I think going to a fashion show is the same as going to see an artist on stage — most people don’t realise what it takes. It’s incredible how they do it and I tip my hat to them. It’s another extension of artistry and creativity.”