Drew Barrymore to host the MTV Movie and TV Awards

Drew Barrymore is set to host the 2023 MTV Movie and TV Awards.
The 48-year-old actress has announced the news via her TV talk-show, revealing that she's already looking forward to the ceremony at The Barker Hangar in Santa Monica on May 7.
In a video clip posted on the official Twitter account of her talk show, Drew explained: "I am so honoured to have been chosen, especially this year, when the show is all about the fans. I’m a fan!"
The Hollywood star - who first found fame as a child, when she appeared in 'E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial' - added: "It is going to be an epic night. Big moments, huge movie stars!"
Drew has previously enjoyed success at the MTV Movie and TV Awards, winning three Golden Popcorn statues during her career.
The actress won the Best Kiss gong for 'The Wedding Singer', while she's also won two Best On-Screen Team awards for 'Charlie’s Angels' and '50 First Dates'.
Meanwhile, Drew launched her TV talk-show in 2020, and she previously discussed how she approached the project.
The actress explained that she wanted to create a really collaborative approach to the show.
She said: "We’ve really tried to build a team. I like to call it an orchestra because each person is more than a crew. They really are our audience and our collaborators.
"We talk sometimes, right on the fly, about what we should do in this moment. I always thought it was weird that there’s one person out in front for a show like this. It is every single person involved in the process - the making of, the journey to, the execution, the ideas.
"It all comes to life by each member of this orchestra and we all have instruments. Sometimes we play in perfect symphony, and sometimes we’re playing jazz. It’s super fun."