Driver's 'selfish' parking act sparks 'legendary' response from strangers

An angry bus passenger snapped a photo of the Jeep parked right in front of a designated stop in Sydney.

A group of bodybuilders are being praised for rushing to help a disabled passenger get off a bus after a ‘selfish’ driver parked in front of a designated stop.

The “absolutely legends” jumped into action on Australia Day after noticing a Jeep had stopped in front of a bus stop near Parlsey Bay Beach in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, another passenger onboard — who snapped an image of the SUV parked in front of the clearly marked stop — revealed.

Another vehicle can be seen right behind it, also blocking part of the bus stop on the narrow street.

The Jeep parked in front of the bus stop in Sydney, blocking off access on the narrow road.
The Jeep parked in front of a bus stop near Parlsey Bay Beach in Sydney, making it difficult for elderly and disabled passengers to exit on Australia Day. Source: Facebook

The driver of the Jeep — not the man standing in the background — “made it extremely difficult for multiple elderly people and families with their stuff, as well as an electric wheelchair passenger, to travel”, the annoyed witness posted on a local Facebook group.

“I was so pleased to see council had booked you and the other cars in the bus stop.”

Bodybuilders rush to help bus passengers

Despite the disheartening and illegal act — for which you will cop a $275 fine — the fellow bus passenger said he watched in awe as three bodybuilders came to the rescue. In NSW, you cannot park within 20 metres before and 10 metres after a bus stop unless a sign says so.

“To the three bodybuilders who saw what was happening and [got] out of their car to lift the electric wheelchair and the person from the bus, you guys are absolutely legends. You showcased the absolute best of people,” he wrote on social media.

A parking ranger departs after issuing a ticket to a vehicle in Sydney.
It is illegal to park within 20 metres before and 10 metres after a bus stop unless a sign says so. Source: AAP

The Sydneysider then went on to thank a man in a Lamborghini who had parked a few spots away. “[You] offered and let the mother of a young boy sit and get his photograph taken in the driver’s seat. You are a legend. That young boy will remember your kindness for years to come,” he said.

Aussies praise 'wonderful' strangers

Locals have also commended the “wonderful” response from the strangers, pointing out “it’s the little things that sometimes make huge impacts”.

“Unfortunately there are entitled people who don’t give a hoot parking wise,” one person commented online. “Glad they got fined. But they are some wonderful people who helped, bless them.”

“Too often we forget those that lend a hand and do good deeds so thank you for sharing,” someone else said. “I love your description of these extremely kind deeds! I hope these wonderful people read what you’ve written,” another wrote.

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