Kate Middleton stuns in dramatic hair transformation

The Duchess of Cambridge has surprised fans by appearing in a new virtual engagement with a very different hairdo.

Kate Middleton teamed up with, Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall for a new video appearance released on Monday evening, which saw the pair host a joint video call with three of their respective children’s hospice patronages.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge has traded her bouncy locks for something more modern and sleek. Photo: Getty Images

Dressed in an emerald green dress by Diane Von Furstenberg, Kate, 38, was pictured sporting notably straighter hair than usual - a relaxed straight blow-dry with a sweeping side part, giving her a dramatically different look.

The Duchess appeared on the call from her Anmer Hall home in Norfolk, where she is isolating with husband Prince William, 38, and their three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.   

Kate had fans doing a double take over her sleek new 'do. Photo: Twitter

The duchess is famous for her signature bouncy blow dries, but seems to have opted to leave her long locks straight this time instead of rocking her trademark waves, something royal watchers will note the Duchess has almost never done before.

The mum-of-three also appeared to have chosen to part her hair slightly further to the side.

According to one stylist, the duchess’ latest new straight look is the latest in a long line of simple, classic styles the royal has sported during the coronavirus pandemic.

It didn’t escape the notice of eagle-eyed royal watchers either, with many taking the time to compliment the simple, modern new look on the royal.

“I love your hair Kate,” one wrote.

“Kate looks amazing,” another agreed.

“May I just say I love Duchess Catherine’s new hairstyle?!” another wondered.

“I love your hair!!” another gushed.

Hairstylist James Johnson believes the duchess could have been opting for simplicity during the coronavirus lockdown.

“Kate is a hair icon globally, she’s known for her bouncy hair, but ability-wise, her more textured and bouncier looks are harder to recreate at home,” he told the Daily Mail.

“So this side-parted style is perfect for someone who has less hair-styling skills. Whilst being soft, and therefore easier to style herself, this hairdo also carries on her sophisticated look, even in lockdown.”

Kate switches up the hair dye

Last week the Duchess appeared to have more coppery tones in her hair, pictured at Fakenham Garden Centre. Photo: Getty Images

As well as her style, there are some suggestions the Duchess has seen a change in her hair colour.

Last week, many royal fans noticed that the duchess seemed to be sporting a lighter hair look as she made her first in-person engagement since coronavirus lockdown.

On a visit to Fakenham Garden Centre last Thursday the royal seemed to be rocking lighter more coppery tones.

The video call was to mark the start of Children’s Hospice Week. Photo: AAP

The duchess’ joint appearance with the Duchess of Cornwall comes as the duo mark Children’s Hospice Week 2020, taking the time to thank all those involved in and supporting children’s hospices across the UK.

During the call, the royals discussed the comprehensive and vital care that hospice staff provide, and the way that children’s hospices are able to create positive environments and happy memories even during the most difficult of times.

Two Queens-to-be: Kate and Camilla’s big royal debut

It’s the first time Kate and Camilla have carried out a joint engagement, although they have joined their husbands as a four before.

The Duchess of Cambridge has appeared in a video call with the Duchess of Cornwall, pictured at the annual Trooping The Colour parade on June 2017. Photo: Getty Images

The duchess, who became patron of EACH in 2012, described the work of children’s hospices as “extraordinary”.

“It’s a credit to the staff that they can provide the environment, the nurturing space for those families to help them go through long or short term care. It’s really awe-inspiring,” she said.

The Duchess of Cornwall, praising the work of children’s hospices at this difficult time said: “We’d like to thank everybody that works for hospices across the UK for the incredible job you do and allowing families to treasure their moments together.”

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