Duchess Catherine enjoyed lockdown

Duchess Catherine enjoyed lockdown for the "extra time" she's been able to spend with her family.
The Duchess of Cambridge - who has Prince George, seven, Princess Charlotte, five, and Prince Louis, two, with her husband Prince William - met with other moms in London, where she told them that whilst the lockdown has been tough, she has "appreciated" the time she has spent with her kids.
Mom Christine Thatai said: "She said everyone has had a difficult time but it was nice as well to have family time."
Whilst another parent, Morgan Alex, also recalled: "It sounded like she really appreciated lockdown for the extra time she's been able to spend with her family and seeing the positives in that."
And whilst Duchess Catherine appreciates it has been difficult for people to meet up in a socially distanced way, she feels it's important for people to talk and listen.
Speaking at a socially distant meeting at the Old English Garden in Battersea Park, Duchess Catherine shared: "Does it help emotionally too? You feel less judged? Everybody needs to have those friendships. It must be difficult to meet up socially-distancing ... It's good being able to listen and being listened while being off guard. It is so important for your emotional well-being. With your experiences it's so important that you've been through it.
"Without what you are providing, that form of relationship, you can feel so isolated. You should be very proud."
Duchess Catherine spent lockdown at their family home, Anmer Hall, in Norfolk but she is now at Kensington Palace, London.