Dwayne Johnson: I'll always be a pro wrestler at heart

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson will "always be a pro wrestler at heart".
The wrestler-turned-actor recently returned to the WWE and Dwayne has admitted that he still loves the world of professional wrestling.
Dwayne, 51, told 'Entertainment Tonight': "I love it. I love what I do, I love this world of wrestling, I love pro wrestling.
"I was born into pro wrestling, I will always be a pro wrestler at heart and in attitude too."
The Hollywood star actually joined the board of WWE's parent company, TKO, in January, and Dwayne feels very proud of what he's managed to achieve during his career.
The actor - whose dad and grandfather were both professional wrestlers - said: "I think my dad would've never ever imagined anything like this, and my grandfather too.
"I took a little visit on the day that I took the board appointment in New York City - [when] we opened up the stock exchange that morning, which was awesome - and I said to WWE president CEO Nick Kahn, I said, 'Hey, let's go down to Stamford and I just want to see everybody face to face at the Stamford WWE HQ, just so I can see them, say thank you and let's bring in the future together.'"
Dwayne admitted that he feels "grateful" for the opportunity he's been given with the WWE.
The wrestler - who has played a huge role in the WWE's success over the years - explained: "I'm so grateful to come back in this capacity that I could come back and give to this business and give to the men and women in that locker room, and try and do my little part to do this with everything and create greater opportunities for all of them."