Dylan Sprouse feels a 'satisfaction' waking up with Barbara Palvin: 'I have someone to work for!'

Dylan Sprouse feels a "collective satisfaction" waking up next to Barbara Palvin.
The 31-year-old actor tied the knot with model Barbara, 30, in 2023 and admitted that he is usually a morning person to begin with but particularly likes those moments when he is just waking up next to her because he finds it "calming" and it motivates him to "work harder" in life.
"I really like mornings in general. Mornings are really great, just because there is like a very calm and collected satisfaction of waking up next to your wife—which is a cool thing to say, by the way, like, 'my wife,' and also in a Borat voice, it's fun too.
"But when you roll over and you see your beautiful wife and she's asleep and then you see your dog and you're in your house and the things that you like, created, it's very calming and it's very nice and it makes you want to work harder."
Meanwhile, the 'Beautiful Wedding' star shot to fame as a teenager alongside his twin brother Cole when they were given the title roles on Disney Channel sitcom 'The Suite Life of Zack and Cody' but Dylan explained that even though he had been working alongside his brother, he always felt as if he was working for himself until Barbara came along.
He added: "For so many years of my life, even though I have a twin, I was working for myself. From when I started dating [Barbara], I was like, 'Oh, I have someone to work for,' which makes me feel very happy, and that was nice. That's the best part.."
Asked if he thinks there are any "cons" to married life, he said: "In my marriage? No, I don't think so!"