Dyson announce the launch of their new Airstrait wet-to-dry straightening tool, here's everything you need to know...

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dyson airstrait
Dyson launches new Airstrait straightening toolHearst Owned

We wouldn't be exaggerating to say Dyson really changed up the hair tool game. Their almost-silent Supersonic redefined what we thought a hair dryer should look like, and their Airwrap? Do we even need to say? Groundbreaking (with zero hint of sarcasm, FYI).

Since their Corrale hair straighteners launched in 2020, we haven't really heard a peep from the brand about any new innovations. That was, until now.

Let me introduce you to: The Dyson Airstrait.

As the name might suggest, the hair tool aims to leave locks looking sleek and straight. The most exciting part though, is that it claims to do so with zero damage to your strands. Styled hair with no compromise to your hair health? Sign us up, Dyson.

Here's everything we know so far about Dyson's Airstrait launch...

What is the Dyson Airstrait?

The newest tool from Dyson is a wet-to-dry hair straightener, minus the traditional heated plates (I know, bear with us).

As with everything Dyson, there is some serious science behind this tool. The two arms of the device project airflow at a very specific 45° angle, which not only straightens your strands as you glide, but it also means the airflow is directed away from your body, so you don't end up feeling hot and bothered. Smart.

dyson airstrait launch
Hearst Owned

The device has three settings: Wet, dry and cool. As one would assume, you use the wet mode on freshly-showered hair and therefore, it's set at a lower temp (ranging from between 80°C - 140°C – that's seriously low for a heated hair tool). The dry mode can be used at 120°C - 140°C, to help smooth dried hair. Whilst, the cool mode is a cold shot of air to help lock in styles and add shine.

The best part? You won't hear any of that signature sizzling when you clamp on your poor wet hair, further proof that this really isn't detrimental to your hair's health.

If you find your go-to straighteners struggle to reach the root, this has a specific 'root dry' mode, which shoots out air from the side of the arms, so it acts like a mini hair dryer. Again, so smart.

If you've seen ghd's recent Duet hair tool launch (you can find my review of that here), this device is in a similar realm (being a hairdryer/hair straightener hybrid), except for the fact the ghd option does include low-temp hot plates as well as airflow, whereas Dyson only relies the latter. Thanks for coming to my Ted talk.

When is the Dyson Airstrait being released in the UK?

This is the catch, whilst it launched in the US on the 11th May, Dyson are still keeping us hanging here in the UK and hasn't officially confirmed an exact date for the launch this side of the pond.

We have a hunch we won't have to wait too long though. Depending on how impatient you are, obviously (hi, hello, me).

How much will the Dyson Airstrait cost?

If you're familiar with Dyson's hair tool range, you'll know the prices can be pretty steep. So, brace yourselves.

The device is coming in at $499 in the US, so we can expect the British pound version won't be too far off this.

Yes it's expensive, but if you can straighten hair without the damage, you're essentially investing in your hair's future. Yep, we can justify anything.

We'll keep you posted on any future Airstrait developments. In the meantime, we're going to start a designated "Dyson Airstrait" savings account. Prime adulting if you ask us.

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