Eagles announce Manchester residency as part of farewell tour

Eagles have announced a three-night residency of Manchester.

The US band – known for the hit songs Hotel California, Take It Easy, One Of These Nights, Desperado and The Best Of My Love – will play the new Co-op Live arena as part of their Long Goodbye tour.

The UK dates in Manchester include May 31, June 1 and June 4 and special guests, the American rock band Steely Dan.

More UK dates could be scheduled as “information will be released as dates are set”.

Eagles, currently made up of Don Henley, Joe Walsh, Timothy Schmit, Vince Gill, and Deacon Frey, the son of the late Glenn Frey, said they have had “a miraculous 52-year odyssey, performing for people all over the globe; keeping the music alive in the face of tragic losses, upheavals and setbacks of many kinds”.

In the last decade, the Los Angeles-formed band have lost founding members including Randy Meisner, who died in July 2023 at the age of 77 and Glenn Frey, who died in in 2016 at the age of 67.

Eagles also said: “We know how fortunate we are, and we are truly grateful. Our long run has lasted far longer than any of us ever dreamed.

“But, everything has its time, and the time has come for us to close the circle. The official farewell tour is currently under way.

“We want to give all our fans a chance to see us on this final round. So, scheduling information will be released as dates are set.

“The difficulties of booking venues for multiple nights may require us to return to certain cities, depending on demand.

“But, we hope to see as many of you as we can, before we finish up. Most importantly, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for embracing this band and its music.

“At the end of the day, you are the reason we have been able to carry on for over five decades. This is our swan song, but the music goes on and on.”

The band also announced another European date at the GelreDome in Arnhem, The Netherlands, on June 13.

A US tour began last year and will play the last scheduled date at Charlotte, North Carolina, on March 16 in the Spectrum Centre.

Eagles originally consisted of Don Felder, who left the band in the 2000s, Meisner, Henley, Frey and Bernie Leadon, who departed in the 1970s.

The group previously disbanded in the 1980s before reuniting in 1994 for a comeback tour featuring Henley, Frey, Walsh, Schmit and Felder.

In 1998, past and current members were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and performed Take It Easy and Hotel California.

The Eagles Greatest Hits collection and Hotel California are among the best-selling albums of modern times and have sold more than 20 million copies each.

Tickets are on sale now for the UK dates in Manchester.