Ed Kelce 'didn't know Taylor Swift's name when she started dating his son Travis

Ed Kelce "didn't know " Taylor Swift's name when he first met her.
The 34-year-old pop superstar has been dating Ed's son Travis, also 34, since July 2023 but now sales rep Ed has admitted that when the NFL star player first introduced him to the world-famous singer, he recognized her but felt like "an idiot" after failing to instantly recall her name.
He told 'Entertainment Tonight': When Travis has a lot of friends coming into town to the game, everyone meets at his house, although he's not there. Taylor walks in with a security guy, and I look at her, and I say [to my girlfriend], 'Oh my god, I know this kid, but I don't know what her name is! Jeez, you know, like a real idiot. And [my girlfriend] says, 'You don't know her? This is Taylor Swift, you idiot!"
Ed and the rest of his family are now adjusting to worldwide fame themselves since Travis became associated with the 'Anti-Hero' songstress as he joked about getting recognsied in the supermarket.
He said: "There are eyes on you every place you go. It's funny because last year, [Jason and Travis' mom] Donna [Kelce] and I were shown on TV screens, and we had some articles that were done. More people recognize us since [Travis] started dating Taylor, though. I'll be in the grocery store, somebody will smile and say, 'Hey!' ...And I have no idea who they are. That has certainly picked up and become more frequent by a long shot than the before Taylor days."
Similarly, Ed's ex-wife Donna - who used to work as a banking executive but retried some time ago - recently admitted that even though her own sudden fame has come as a shock, she loves being seen by fans.
She told People: "It's been a ride. That's for sure. It's a little different.
"Sometimes I feel I'm on some kind of a different planet. I'm like, ‘What has my life become?’
"It's been a ride, that's for sure It's fun being recognised. It is. Most everyone is pretty respectful and very positive."