Ed Sheeran 'set to sell his own range of loop pedals'

Ed Sheeran is planning to sell his own range of loop pedals.
The 32-year-old pop star - who is one of the world's best-selling artists - has used a loop pedal throughout his music career, and he's now reportedly preparing to launch his own range.
A source told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: "Ed is always looking at ways to give back and inspire other musicians.
"Bringing out his own range of loop pedals, which is a niche of his, is a clever idea and they’d sell like hot cakes."
Ed has been using a loop pedal - which allows artists to play recordings back in real-time - for years.
Gary Dunne previously revealed that he taught Ed how to use the equipment while Ed was still a teenager.
Gary told 'Newsbeat': "I was playing a gig at Shepherd's Bush Empire and I played solo, with a loop station. At the time I was a struggling musician, so I made a lot of my living through doing concerts in fans' houses.
"So I got an email from Ed's dad John a few days after, saying: 'My kid Ed is 14, he was at the gig and he loved the looping, will you come play his 15th birthday?'
"So Ed and his dad picked me up from the train station and I did a gig to Ed and his teenage buddies.
"Then we stayed up late looking at live looping and the basics of how to use it - and that was the beginning of our friendship. Little did I know he'd become the biggest star in the world."
Gary also emphasised that it takes a lot of skill to use a loop pedal.
He said: "I find it interesting that people can watch the gig and criticise the art and not understand the complexity and the vulnerability of what he's doing.
"If he pushes a button half a second out the whole song can fall out of sync."