What Is the Egg Crack Challenge?: Parents Outraged Over Viral Trend Involving Young Kids

Some social media users are participating in the trend of cracking eggs on their children's faces for online entertainment

One TikTok challenge is taking the social media app by storm, but causing outrage among parents at the same time.

In the viral trend that many are tagging #EggPrank, parents are seen cooking with their kids in a kitchen, before taking a raw egg and telling the child they’re going to crack it.

But rather than breaking and dropping the egg into a bowl or pan, the parents will instead crack open the shell by smashing it on their child's face.

Many of the kids react with confusion, while a handful of others break down in tears.

In some cases filmed, the kid will walk away from the parent, while others hit them back with another egg.

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Earlier this month, a mom influencer on TikTok named Sarah explained why she doesn't agree with the app’s viral challenge.

"I’ve been tagged in a few of these videos and I’ve seen it go two ways. One, the kid gets the egg on the head and they’re kind of confused, thrown off, thinks it’s a little funny. Then they move on. Or, they get the egg cracked on the head and they’re really upset about it and they freak out,” she explained in a video.

<p>Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty Images</p>

Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Sarah, whose page is dedicated to “exploring generation shared and calling out child exploitation on social media,” continued, "When I see those videos I think, are we that bored as parents and desperate for content?”

“[Are we] needing to post on the internet so bad because it is so consuming to be a part of our world? And the dopamine hit, and the likes and views, that we now in 2023 are cracking eggs on our children’s heads in hopes that they have an entertaining reaction that we can post publicly online to entertain strangers?” she added.

“What are we doing? Why are we doing this?” Sarah concluded. The video has since amassed thousands of likes.

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