Elizabeth Olsen declares there’s no way her future children will go into showbiz before they turn 18: ‘It’s a hard no!’

Elizabeth Olsen says the idea of her future children going into showbiz before they turn 18 is a “hard no”.
The 34-year-old ‘Ingrid Goes West’ actress, whose sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley grew up as child stars, said they are “unique” and she wouldn’t want her kids to follow in their footsteps.
Elizabeth, who eloped with her musician husband Robbie Arnett, 31, before the pandemic, told The Times when asked how she would feel about any kids they have going into showbiz as youngsters: “Hard no. My sisters are unique so it’s not a reflection on them when I say no, I think it’s a reflection more on culture today.”
Mary-Kate sought treatment for an eating disorder in 2004, and in 2012 she and her twin Ashley, now 37, announced they were retiring from acting.
They have both since led successful careers in fashion.
Elizabeth added about the idea of child stardom: “Being younger today is already so complicated. To amplify it by being a child actor and then amplify it by social media, I just think it’s a lot for a kid’s development.
“I think my sisters are on a totally different path than your average child actor.”
Elizabeth leads a low-key life by keeping her relationship with Robbie private, and despite an estimated fortune of $11 million, drives a Toyota Prius and isn’t on social media.
She added: “I don’t really put myself out there publicly. If I chose to, I could be living like my job is also endorsing a bunch of things I’m selling or whatever. But I’m choosing not to, because I don’t want to be seen as a celebrity, I want to just be an actor.”
Her Times profile said she hopes to start a family, but she said about her future as a mum: “For right now I have a partner who’s incredibly supportive and just wants me to work on good stuff.”