Elizabeth Olsen says there were ‘scary’ moments during Love & Death scenes when she ‘tapped out’

Elizabeth Olsen, who plays killer Candy Montgomery in the HBO series Love & Death, has revealed that there were some scenes she was too scared to film.

The show tells the true story of how, in 1980, a Texas housewife called Betty Gore was killed by her friend, Candy, who struck her 41 times with an axe.

Talking about what it was like filming the murder scene with her co-star Lily Rabe, who plays Betty, Olsen, 34, said: “Lily was six months pregnant. It was awful. She had a double. And they also could erase [her belly] in post. But she was in a little shirt with a six-month belly! It was crazy.”

She told The Hollywood Reporter: “And she really wanted to do everything. Lily is a really physically strong human being, and so it was like real tension, physically, and there was an element where I felt safe because we had choreography, but there was an element where I didn’t want to do everything. So it was a lot of things.”

Olsen added: “My experience with more fight sequences isn’t hand-to-hand fighting. And so it felt kind of scary at times.

“And then there were moments where Lily asked me to, with the rubber axe, make contact with her body. And I tapped out and was like, ‘You’re going to have to do this with my stunt double.’”

Olsen has said similar things about stunt work before. She previously said she finds it mostly “ridiculous” to do her own stunts in Marvel films.

Elizabeth Olsen (HBO)
Elizabeth Olsen (HBO)

But she did say that she performed most of her own stunts – but not all – in Avengers: Endgame, which she claimed was “a waste of everyone’s time because a stunt double does it so much better”.