Elle Fanning’s nipple pasty disco dress is shockingly (and daringly) good

elle fanning nipple pastie disco dress cannes film festival 2023
Elle Fanning’s silver disco dress is pure fire 🪩Marc Piasecki - Getty Images

Friends, grab a drink and a croissant because tonight we're rolling out the judgement for the fashions of the 2023 Cannes Film Festival. I may be sipping tea, in bed, while wearing pyjamas and with no plans on a Friday night, but someone's gotta do it – that being God's work, ofc.

Taking front and centre stage this evening is Elle Fanning who stepped out in a somewhat naked ensemble. Though trust me, it's ✨good✨ (the understatement of the century) considering she had to follow Gemma Chan's dazzling cut out number. I mean, is there anything these talented female actor's cannot do?

Taking to Instagram, Elle debuted her – what we're assuming to be – after-party number. The skirt of the floor-length dress worn is made up of feather-like silver embellishments while making for the top are two sculptural, yet dainty, nipple covers.

"Now THISSSSS is a partyyyy dressss @pacorabanne 🪩🪩🪩🪩🪩", she writes as the caption of her seven-part post.

And a party dress it certainly is. Fire (and disco ball) emojis all around!

Coordinating with the 'fit, Elle's stylist, Samantha McMillen opted to accessorise with matching silver heeled pumps and an iridescent mini bag.

Now, as much as I'm a big fan of the dress, spilling the words right out of my mouth, one fan jokingly writes in the comments section: "you have so much trust in that dress lmao. it’s a stunning look though!"

And with that in mind, I think we should all aspire to find someone to trust as much as Elle Fanning trusts that dress. Life goals.

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