Emily Ratajkowski no longer cares about critics of her skimpy outfits

Emily Ratajkowski says she doesn’t care about critics who target her for wearing revealing outfits.
The model, actress and author, 32, whose book ‘My Body’ debated feminist topics, added she is at a point in her life where she now cares “a whole lot less what people think”.
She added in an interview with Glamour UK magazine: “So, if I am in a certain type of mood where I want to post something or wear something that I could be judged for because it’s, quote-unquote ‘desperate,’ I’m a little bit like, ‘Well, that’s where I’m at’.”
Emily added she has learned to put “own happiness” first as she’s gotten older, and has “bigger fish to fry than caring about the politics of whether or not I’m appealing to the male gaze in a given moment”.
She said: “I guess where I am is a little bit of a true liberation, in a personal sense, in the way that I just don’t really (care.)”
But the ‘Gone Girl’ actress did admit she is secretly self-conscious, confessing she’s “so afraid of people not taking her seriously”.
She also said even though she wants women and girls to “stop torturing” themselves she is still afflicted by self doubt.
The model said about her inner criticism: “I still kind of do (criticise and doubt myself), about everything; about the days that I don’t look great or I’m not dressed sexy or when I am dressed sexy, and it’s just constant.”
Earlier this week, she took to Instagram to post an image of herself in a low-cut black dress and referenced how people saw her as a “bimbo”.
She captioned the picture: “Decided I’m never beating the bimbo allegations so why not lean in, you know?”