Emily Ratajkowski rocks topless underboob in new post

Yep, it seems like we're all talking about Emily Ratajowski these days. Not only has she been suuuuuper busy - she's a model, mother-of-one, podcast presenter and New York Times best-selling author (you *have* to check out her essay collection My Body) - but she has set tongues wagging thanks to her super adorable, newly confirmed (kinda!) romance with Pete Davidson.

But away from her love life, EmRata has also been rocking some pretty phenomenal clothes. And why might this be? Well, as she explained in a recent cover interview for Elle UK, she's entered her IDGAF (or "villain", if you're on TikTok) era. "I will wear whatever the hell I want, as much make-up as I want, and make myself feel good, which sometimes means being sexy and sometimes doesn’t," she explained to author Lisa Taddeo. Mood!

In practice, this has seen Emily rock some seriously fire looks: a 'free the nipple' black see-through dress, a daring af fishnet dress and some stunning micro bikinis. In short, whatever the occasion, she's going to be wearing something jaw-dropping. I mean, we wouldn't expect anything less from one of fashion's biggest names!

Her latest fit is clearly no exception. Posted as a reel on her Instagram, and originally as a post on TikTok, the model is seen slouching around on a white wall wearing light-wash, distress jeans and some serious side bangs.

Our fave part of the look? The cropped, chocolate brown jacket with green beaded fringing, worn with completely nothing underneath.

Her most daring look yet?

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