Europeans Are Calling American Soda 'Radioactive' After Seeing A Bottle Of Fanta

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Here's Why Fanta Looks Different In Every CountryJeff Greenberg - Getty Images

One of the internet's bubbliest debates has resurfaced, and people are more confused than ever.

Last week, Reddit user @Opposite_Strategy_43 posted an image showing a glass of Fanta soda from Italy. They also included the caption, "Fanta in Italy has no dyes or artificial flavors."

Shockingly, the light color of the soda is almost reminiscent of a freshly squeezed glass of OJ, a far cry from the neon orange color Fanta has here in the U.S. Fellow Redditors quickly chimed in with their thoughts on why the Fanta colors are so drastically different.

"Because of the European Food Agency. A lot of the ingredients used in Fanta in the US [are] banned in the EU," said one Redditor.

Although the ingredients for both versions of the soda share some similarities, the ingredients in the U.S. version also include high fructose corn syrup, yellow 6, and red 40.

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dannybluey / Reddit

One Reddit user was taken aback after seeing the color of Fanta in the U.S.

"The first time I saw a Fanta in the US I freaked out. I already didn't like soda in Italy, let alone now that it's fluorescent lol," they revealed.

Another person declared that the U.S. soda looks like it might actually be "radioactive."

"This is how it looks around Europe. When I saw American Fanta in a [YouTube] video it looked like a radioactive beverage," they wrote.

The latest Fanta controversy comes months after Reddit user @dannybluey posted a side-by-side image of a bottle of Fanta from Europe and a bottle from the United States. Similar to the newer Reddit post, users eagerly pointed out how shocked they were at the difference.

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