Eva Longoria values politics over her popularity

Eva Longoria considers her political activism to be more important that her popularity.
The 48-year-old actress has been outspoken about various political and social issues over the years, but Eva isn't worried about losing fans because of her views.
She told ELLE's December/January 2023 Women in Hollywood issue: "There are things that are a lot more important than box office and viewers.
"Women’s rights are very important. The dismantling of human rights, of health care systems, of education systems. The banning of books. These are very dangerous things that need to be talked about, looked at, voted on, and advocated for. So it’s not an ‘Oooh, do I do it?’ I have to do it. It is nonnegotiable.
"I don’t ever think, ‘I’m going to alienate half an audience’ or ‘I’m going to lose some Twitter fans.’ That doesn’t matter to me if I’m saving democracy."
Despite this, Eva doesn't have any ambitions to run for the White House.
The actress observed that individual citizens are actually the "most powerful" people in a democracy.
Asked if she'd ever run for political office, Eva replied: "No, no, no. No, and I think that’s the myth, that you have to be a politician to be political. That’s not true. The most powerful person in democracy is the citizen.
"Once you become a politician, your hands get tied. You’re beholden to special interests; you’re beholden to certain industries."
Eva loves that she's able to speak her mind without having to worry about the potential consequences.
The 'Desperate Housewives' star - who has been outspoken on issues like immigration - said: "As a citizen, you can speak your mind as loudly as you want."