Evan Ellingson: My Sister’s Keeper actor dies aged 35

Evan Ellingson: My Sister’s Keeper actor dies aged 35

Actor Evan Ellingson, who appeared on screen in several roles as a child and teenager, has died aged 35.

Ellingson was best known for starring in the 2009 film My Sister’s Keeper, adapted from the Jodi Picoult novel of the same name.

He played the character of Jesse, the eldest of three siblings who longed for the attention of his parents, who were preoccupied with his sisters – one of whom had leukaemia (Sofia Vassilieva), and the other who provided the stem cells to help her (Abigail Breslin).

The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department’s coroner’s office told US press that Ellingson died on Sunday (5 November) in Fontana, California.

His father, who spoke to TMZ, said that the actor was found dead in his bedroom at a sober-living home, where he resided.

It is claimed that Ellingson had struggled with drug addiction throughout his life, but his family are shocked at his death due to his improvements in managing his issues in recent years.

Ellingson’s cause of death has not yet been determined.

Evan Ellingson in ‘24' (Fox)
Evan Ellingson in ‘24' (Fox)

Outside of the big screen, Ellingson had a recurring role on CSI: Miami as Kyle Harmon, the son of David Caruso’s Lt. Horatio Caine, appearing in 18 episodes over three years.

He also starred in 24 as Josh, the nephew of the protagonist, Jack Bauer (played by Kiefer Sutherland).

At the time of his passing, Ellingson had not appeared on screen in more than a decade.

His first professional role came when he was 12 years old in a TV movie called Living in Fear.

While promoting CSI: Miami back in 2009, Ellingson spoke about how his passion for acting had impacted his childhood, compared to his friends of the same age.

He told The Philippine Star: “I never had the same [childhood] experience with my friends. I never had more time with them. However, my childhood was a cool one. I was busy doing the things I love.”

He added: “I had no regrets because I found my passion for acting early on.”