Even Shoppers with Allergies Notice a ‘Big Difference’ When Using This Bissell Air Purifier — and It’s 59% Off

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“I was blown away by the air quality improvement”



Allergy season is still among us, which means those who suffer from coughing, sneezing, and sore throats aren’t yet out of the woods. An easy fix to your problems is investing in an air purifier, one that’ll make it a whole lot easier to breathe indoors.

Right now, the Bissell Smart Air Purifier is a whopping 59 percent off at Amazon. The air purifier is designed with a three-stage HEPA filtration system, which is capable of trapping up to 99.97 percent of particles like odors, pet dander, and allergens as small as 0.3 microns. This helps to remove irritants like dust, pollen, and smoke from inside the house — so you’re not just coughing and sneezing all day long. Plus, you can grab new filters when it’s time to replace the old ones every six months.

To use the device, just select one of five fan speeds, the lowest of which is super quiet. The device can operate for hours at a time, giving you tons of time to breathe freely. Thanks to its sleek size and design, the air purifier won’t take up too much space — it can just sit flush against the wall.



Buy It! Bissell Smart Air Purifier, $138.99 (orig. $339.98); amazon.com

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Over 3,000 Amazon shoppers have given the air purifier a five-star rating, with reviewers, who deal with allergies, saying they notice a “big difference” after using the device and call it “super effective.” One user added, “Smells disappear while it's running,” while another enthused: “I was blown away by the air quality improvement.”

A third shopper wrote, “I found that the air quality in the house, when I walk in, really has improved. I cooked bacon the other day, and it was actually able to clear that delicious scent from the house in about two hours… Nothing beats a house that smells like bacon or fresh cookies, but clean air is king.”That same reviewer also added that they bought this air purifier due to their allergies. They explained, “It’s been less than a week and things are going well.”

Head to Amazon to get the Bissell Smart Air Purifier while it’s 59 percent off.

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