Every sex toy in Sex Education Season 4 and where to find them

sex education season 4 sex toys
Every sex toy in Sex Education Season 4Netflix

Sex Education Season 4 has arrived and it is a thing of beauty. And do you know what else is a thing of beauty? Aimee's toy box – we're here for it. The brand new and final season of the Netflix show sees the return of all our favourite characters, along with some new faces – shout out to Celia and her hilarious corn-on-the-cob vibrator.

But our girl Aimee Gibbs is front and centre, embracing a healing journey in which she's on a mission to recover from a traumatic experience and reconnect to her sexuality.

Aimee shows us how self love and sexual wellness is done in the new season with an impressive line up of new vibrators, art therapy, forging new (sexy) friendships and journalling about the whole experience. So, we thought we'd open the lid on the toy box and list every product in Aimee's collection, including where to shop for them all.

Start your own sexual wellness journey and get on the Sex Education hype with these must-have gadgets.

sex education season 4 sex toys
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The LoveHoney Mon Ami Rose Clit Sucker

Of course Aimee has the rose suction toy in her collection – it's TikTok famous for a reason. Not only does it look gorgeous, this clit sucker toy fits snugly in the palm of your hand while the suction mouth uses air pressure technology to flicker and "suck" your vulva.

The textured rose petals on the top of the toy also make for gorgeous sensations the higher you ramp up the power.

Tango Vibrator by WeVibe

Bells and whistles are nice but a basic vibrating dildo is a winner for a reason. This slim blue vibe is a bullet-style toy with simple controls and a tapered tip.

The Tango is beloved by those who might be looking for a toy that's a little more discreet. It's a fave of anyone sharing a house with others because it's whisper quiet and yet still pretty damn powerful. It's also waterproof, which means taking it into the shower with you is always an option.

A bullet-style toy is one of the foundations of a good sex toy collection because their slim shape and simple interface mean you can focus on your experience without too much button bashing and rearranging. In other words, they get the job done.

Bondara Duvet Day 3-in-1 Suction G-Spot and Wand Vibrator

One of the best suction toys you can lay your hands on, the Duvet Day is a combo toy that offers deep vibrations, a curved G-spot end and a suction mouth for fluttery oral sex simulation.

Aimee only awards it 3.5 stars in her journal, but with so much going on, it's easy to see why you might be a little overwhelmed. It's a big toy with three functions and if you're only after a quickie, it's probably better left for longer, more intense sessions.

With that said, it's one of our favourite suction toys and we were jazzed to see it included in the scene!

Durex Play 2-in-1 Massage Gel

Lube is everything, lube is essential. And obviously Aimee's nightstand shows a lube line-up we can get on board with. The Durex 2-in-1 is a great option for pH-friendly play and self massage.

Finding a lube that works for you can be tricky, but this water-based one is a good all-rounder. It's compatible with all toy materials and has a nice glide on it, with soothing aloe vera to keep the skin in your most sensitive areas happy.

Blue Silicone Dildo with Balls

And sometimes you don't even need vibration – we're big fans of an "acoustic" self-love session. A suction dildo is a great option if you're into that feeling of natural fullness and internal sensation but want a hands-free experience. Aimee's blue dildo is a girthy one with a pleasing G-spot curve and round "balls" at the base making it perfect for grinding.

It's made from a soft squishy silicone so it's body-safe – just remember not to use something like this with silicone lube as silicone toys and silicone lubes aren't compatible with each other. A water-based lube is best for toys like these.

Lovehoney Silicone Lube

Another brilliant lube choice, this one is an affordable silicone-based option that goes a long, *long* way. The lube you use is important and it's also a very personal choice, based on how sensitive you are down there, whether you're into certain textures or sensations and whether you enjoy certain scents or flavours.

Sure, silicone lubes aren't compatible with silicone toys but you seriously need a silicone lube in your collection for that super slippery feeling – it's just the best. As Aimee says, "every vulva is beautiful" so using a lubricant that's compatible with yours is a must.

Sex Education Season 4 is available to watch on Netflix now.

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