Everyday item 'saves mum's life' after deadly snake bites her face

Angela said she is 'very lucky' the snake's top fangs were unable to pierce her skin.

A mum has credited an everyday fashion accessory with saving her life after she was attacked by a dangerous snake while lounging by the pool.

Angela Jacobsen said she was reading a book in her backyard in Rutherglen, Victoria, on Tuesday — taking a moment before school pick-up — when she spotted a deadly eastern brown snake in her “peripheral”.

Angela standing next to her pool where the eastern brown snake attacked her. Inset, a close up of Angela.
Angela was relaxing by her backyard pool earlier this week when she suddenly spotted the eastern brown snake in her 'peripheral'. Source: 7News

“I don’t even know where it came from,” she told 7News. After lowering her novel, the mum screamed as the snake lunged at her, biting her on the face.

“It was just a dry bite,” Angela said, acknowledging she is “very lucky”. She claims the sunglasses she was wearing at the time prevented any further damage.

“I think the fangs have hit the end of the glasses and only maybe the bottom teeth have hit my face. I do think the glasses saved my life,” she said. Angela stayed at a local hospital overnight but was able to walk away from the “freak accident” relative unscathed.

Angel holding her Ray Ban sunglasses which she says saved her life during the snake attack.
Angela credits her sunglasses with saving her life during the snake attack. Source: 7News

Snake catcher's dire warning

The mum’s close call comes just days after another Aussie got quite the fright when he discovered an eastern brown snake crawling across his kitchen floor. The panicked man grabbed a large saucepan lid and slithered it over the baby snake before calling Sunshine Coast snake catcher Brando ‘Giff’ Gifford for help.

Although having the reptile contained did make his job a little easier, Brando warned anyone who came across a snake in their house should not try to approach it.

Eastern Brown Snake on grass.
A snake catcher has urged Aussies to keep their distance and call for help if they find a snake in their home. Source: AAP

“We suggest, if they are not in the main living space, shut the doors, put towels under the doors and call the snake catcher,” he told Yahoo News Australia.

“We urge people not to approach them because if that goes wrong, someone could end up in hospital fighting for their life and come very close to dying from a bite. It can go from zero to 100 very quickly.”

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