‘How Is Everyone Doing?’ Seems They’re Not So Good, Elmo

Jason Kempin
Jason Kempin

Elmo put an end to a trauma dumping onslaught on Tuesday that the beloved television puppet started on X the day before. Yes, you read that right.

It began with a simple question:

In response to this well-intentioned prompt, Elmo was suddenly faced with a barrage of responses ranging from the banally depressed to the unquestionably unhinged. The tweet garnered thousands of quote tweets and replies letting Elmo in on just how messed up everything feels right now.

“Elmo I'm gonna be real I am at my fucking limit,” Lebanon-based journalist Séamus Malekafzali wrote.

“[T]hings are dark, Elmo. it has become clear that our society is fundamentally predicated upon the exploitation of man and nature to further the violent and pernicious tendrils of imperialism, capitalism and white supremacy. but how are you? Do you still live over on Sesame Street?” wrote comedian Skyler Higley.

Big Bird also responded, saying that he has been tiny all week, in what seems like a cruel twist of fate.

While most of the verklempt X users were leaning into the existential dread for laughs, the sheer density of Elmo related posts was very much real.

A few hours after Elmo posted, the grown-ups finally stepped in, thanking Elmo for getting the conversation about “#EmotionalWellbeing” started and referring users to materials about mental health.

After a day of no interaction from Elmo’s account, he finally broke his silence on becoming the internet’s agony aunt.

“Wow! Elmo is glad he asked,” said the statement from the furry creature on X. Then why doesn’t it feel that way, Elmo?

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