Everything We Know About 'Dune Part Three' So Far

zendaya and timothee chalet
Everything We Know About 'Dune Part Three' So FarNIKO TAVERNISE - Warner Bros.

Dune Part: 2's dust hasn't even settled since its release in March 2024, and already we're counting down the days until Dune: Part 3's arrival.

In March, Dune director Denis Villeneuve's epic sequel saw a return to the fictional planet of Arrakis and broke box office records, and is set to become the first film of 2024 to pass $500 million at the global box office.


While 2023 may have been all about Barbie and Oppenheimer (aka Barbenheimer), Dune Part: 2 has taken over the reigns this year. The second instalment of the franchise saw Timothée Chalamet make a comeback as Paul Atreides and Zendaya as Chani, as they reunited with the Fremen and sought out revenge against those who intended to destroy Paul's family.

Originally written as a novel by the same name by Frank Herbert in 1965, the film franchise is an adaptation of the writer's books, which total 23 (only six are written by Herbert). The first film covers the first half of the series' first book, while the second Dune film is adapted from the second half of the sci-fi novel.

While that now means one book has been fully adapted for the big screen, fans of Dune will know that the destiny of Paul Atreides and Arrakis doesn't end there.

florence pugh on set for dune part 2

Here's everything we know about the (potential) upcoming Dune 3.

Has Dune: Part 3 Been Confirmed?

So far, a third Dune film has not yet been confirmed, but given the success of the first two films, it's looking very likely that it will happen.

During an interview with Empire, Villeneuve teased that making a third film is something that he'd want to do. 'If I succeed in making a trilogy, that would be the dream,' he said.

However, Dune Messiah (the name of the second novel by Herbert) would bring the cinematic world to a close. Villeneuve has noted: 'After that the books become more… esoteric,' he stated.

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Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures - Warner Bros.

Who Will Star In Dune 3?

While a cinematic development of Dune Messiah has not been announced, if it does go ahead fans of the franchise should expect to see some of their favourite characters make a re-appearance (if the plot is the same as the second book). This would mean that Chalamet, Zendaya and Rebecca Ferguson (who plays Paul's mother, Lady Jessica) would all return.

As for Florence Pugh, she would be expected to reprise her role as Princess Irulan, but in a third film she would likely be main character, in much the same way Zendaya has been in the first two films, as suggested by Villueneuve in an interview with Moviefone.

Villueneuve also went on to express that he'd like Anna Taylor-Joy to return as Alia Atreides in a third film. 'I would love to make Dune Messiah just to work with her and Florence more,' he told EW. 'Those actresses are so inspiring. They give me chills and the will to do another one.'

dune part two timothee chalet
Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures - Warner Bros.

When Will Dune: Part 3 Be Released?

As the first two films had a three year gap between their release dates, audiences can expect to be kept waiting for a good while before the arrival of Dune Messiah. Given Dune Part: 2 came out in March 2024, we'd predict a third film would likely be released in 2027.

However, given that there were SAG-AFTRA strikes during the production of the second film, we've got our fingers crossed for an earlier release date this time around.

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