Everything you need to know about the Justice tarot card

justice tarot card
Let's talk about the Justice tarot cardMargie Rischiotto

Ugh, why do things feel so unfair sometimes? If you find yourself mired in the inequities of your world, dwelling on the disappointments and pain of being wronged, or feeling the sting of others’ lack of accountability and undeserved victories, don’t be surprised by the appearance of the Justice card in your tarot reading.

The cosmic righter of wrongs, this baddie from the tarot’s Major Arcana comes through to remind us that yes, life can feel unfair in certain moments, but don’t lose hope just yet because this story isn’t over! If something is off, trust me, it isn't going unnoticed. Balance will be restored because everything catches up and the truth ALWAYS comes out (eventually, and maybe not as fast as we probably desire, but it always does!).

Do you need to get involved to expose something or can you let the universe just do its thing? That’s really up to you, but know that facts are facts, and there’s no way to spin it other than letting someone’s actions speak for themselves.

Justice key words

Fairness, truth, accountability, honesty, balance, consequences.

Justice Upright meaning

We all have a myriad of choices to make every day, and every action has a consequence. This isn’t really about “right” and “wrong” (and those aren’t always so easy to decipher anyway.) Instead, think of this as a reminder that the decisions you make now may have a long-lasting impact on not just yourself, but others as well. Let’s face the facts.

Approach your current situation with radical honesty in order to evaluate what is REALLY going on here. If you are behaving in a way that is aligned with your own personal moral code and values, then you have nothing to worry about, my darling! The world is a mirror reflecting back what you put out via the decisions you make and your interactions with others. Acting with truth, compassion, and fairness will be returned to you. However, if you do the opposite...well, don’t be surprised when the karmic wheel turns and you receive it all back.

Doing what feels right isn’t always easy, but Justice promises that it is ultimately worth the temporary discomfort because of the relief that accompanies behaving with integrity.

Justice Reversed meaning

We all make mistakes, we all slip up, and sometimes we all make moves that we aren’t exactly proud of. It’s okay, my darling. It’s never too late to make things right. Show yourself some compassion, because sometimes we are just doing our best in the circumstances we find ourselves in. Take accountability for your actions in order to right the wrongs and resolve this situation before it gets any worse. Taking responsibility for your previous actions and owning what you did can go a long way, so don’t be too proud or stubborn to extend the olive branch and make a sincere apology. Don’t you feel so much better already? I knew you would.

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