Experts discuss what to expect in 2024 US election - from Trump’s legal battles to concerns over Biden’s age

Experts discuss what to expect in 2024 US election (AP)
Experts discuss what to expect in 2024 US election (AP)

It’s no easy task to sum up what to expect from the 2024 race for the White House in just one hour - but that’s what The Independent’s latest virtual event did.

On Wednesday, The Independent hosted a live panel recapping the results of the Iowa caucuses and looking ahead to the New Hampshire primary and the general election.

Deputy US Editor David Taintor, Washington Bureau Chief Eric Garcia and White House correspondent Andrew Feinberg led a discussion explaining just what happened in the first presidential contest of the year and the tone it sets for the rest of 2024.

Patrick Ruffini, a founding partner of Echelon Insights, showcased how New Hampshire might have some surprises in store for the Republican primary. He also provided insights from his book Party of the People: Inside the Multiracial Populist Coalition Remaking the GOP, wherein he discussed how Democrats have increasingly failed to appeal to the working-class non-white voters whom previously voted for them and how President Donald Trump has appealed to these types of voters.

Celinda Lake -- one of the most well-respected Democratic pollsters who has worked for everyone from the Clinton-Gore 1992 campaign to Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to the Democratic National Committee -- discussed how the big demographic group to watch in the 2024 presidential race will be the “double haters,” aka the voters who dislike both President Joe Biden and former president Donald Trump.

In addition, the panel discussed how Mr Trump’s numerous legal battles will -- and will not -- play a role in the 2024 election and how questions around Mr Biden and his age really translate into questions about strength, which has long been a losing point for Democrats.

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